"Harvard Pilgrim partners with Ride Health to provide free medical transportation [...] The rides will be managed within the Ride Health platform, which features a member portal for scheduling rides; real-time ride monitoring; and a dedicated dsupport team for confirming benefit eligibility and scheduling tranpsortation."
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“‘The existing centralized state level broker model is ineffective, and does not meet the needs of patients, or their health care providers, or the subcontracted drivers in a sufficient way,’ Imran Cronk, co-founder and chief executive of New York-based Ride Health, told Bloomberg Law. Ride Health manages automated coordination among transportation providers, patients and health-care providers.”
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"‘Hospitals are very enthusiastic to adopt these more efficient, lower-cost, convenient modes of transportation,’ said Cronk, whose company aims to connect medical centers with transit, taxis, or ride-booking companies. ‘There’s a few providers who have led the charge in demonstrating these partnerships, but they’re all very early on in the game, and providers are still figuring out how to work with these new transportation systems.’”
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“Teaming up with Ride Health, Penn has been dispatching cars to pick patients up at home and deliver them to their medical appointments, says Roy Rosin, Penn Medicine’s chief innovation officer. Penn’s latest pilot provided more than 1,100 rides to low-income or mobility-challenged patients, significantly improving show-up rates and reducing costly delays. Rosin says that partnering with Ride Health, which provides health systems the ability to order and track vehicles, has resulted in a 98% rate of on-time arrivals, which has helped mitigate pricey delays.”
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“Public transportation in many places is just not all that accessible--particularly for the handicapped, sick, or elderly. Ride Health has a better idea. By providing consumers with accessible transportation to and from hospitals, the company wants to help those in need reach urgent appointments on time. The service is deployed in 25 states with a ride network available in all 50 states.”
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“In addition to improving accessibility for patients, Ride Health reduces the time social workers must spend to come up with transportation solutions. Penn Medicine has since expanded the program to include certain other patient groups.”
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